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We are fully aware of the impact the fashion industry has had on our environment. Although we know we are not yet perfect we do the best to become as perfect as possible. We would like to share with you our journey to become a more sustainable brand. We are transparent about what we’ve done so far and we will inform you about our processes and future plans. We've taken some steps already and try to push ourselves to improve and get better all the time. Step by step.

We’ve been transparent about our suppliers since the founding of by-bar. The relationship with our suppliers and open communication about sustainability is the most important aspect within this journey. On our social media platforms we share our visits to the production sites and we also share the good times we celebrate together after a working day. Most of our suppliers have been our partners since the beginning of the by bar journey. During every visit we check all the improvements they promised to implement. They are all fully aware how important it is to be or to become SEDEX or BSCI certificated

It’s not a secret where our products come from. On our website you will find who has made each product. Besides that, all of our Indian suppliers are part of or are becoming part of an international sustainable platform such as BSCI or SEDEX. Our European suppliers in Italy, Turkey and Portugal are 100% audited.


Every season we launch a well-balanced collection of high-quality items which are wearable for more than one season. by-bar is not designing a collection with the latest trends in mind and never has. We are big supporters of building a timeless wardrobe instead of fast fashion. We hope you do as well. From autumn 2020 we started adding new Innovative eco-items to the by-bar collection. this collections includes warm knitted sweaters from natural colored alpaca wool, jackets made of recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton denims and an organic cotton poplin white blouse. Our goal is to expand this collection season after season!

In the coming months we will make a roadmap for the coming years so at the end of 2024 we will reach the destination … so please stay tuned. We hope that you will follow our journey and you can be a part of it as well! Buy a beautiful timeless wardrobe which will give you new combinations all year round. Take care of your garments by treating them with care, try to repair your clothes whenever possible and don’t replace them too frequently. Also try to be aware of the impact on the environment when you return items. The trucks will have to drive an extra round, so whenever you want we are ready to give you size and styling advice before you place an order.

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